All these apps are free to download and use. Enjoy!

CG Pager CG Pager

CG Pager

When I was a serving HM Coastguard Rescue Officer, I wasn't satisfied with any of the available options for receiving alerts from the tasking system. So I made my own!
It is available to be downloaded free by coastguards, simply by clicking anywhere in this box and following the instructions.
So far the app has been downloaded over 1200 times. Currently it's only available for Android phones. If anyone with knowledge of iOS app development would like to take up the challenge, I will be happy to provide all the help possible to make an iPhone version available.
Defibrillator Map Defib Map

Defibrillator Map

If someone suffers a cardiac arrest, it's essential to get a defibrillator quickly. This app can be downloaded and installed onto any mobile phone or tablet (Android or Apple) and on opening it will immediately show you the nearest defibrillators. It is faster and more accurate than any other alternative.
At the moment the app covers Portishead, Clevedon and the surrounding area, including parts of Bristol. However the technology is all in place to take the app nationwide (see below).
Defibrillator Map Local Admin

Defibrillator Map Local Admin

In order to spread the coverage of the Defibrillator Map app across the country, I need people to take on the role of local admin. It's a simple task to register for a postcode area, then take photos of all the defibs in that area and upload the details. You might save someone's life!
Trial Observer Scoresheet Trial Observer scoring page

Trial Observer Scoresheet

This app for the scoring of motorcycle trials makes life easier for the observer and most especially, the results team. The observer marks the riders with a few simple clicks and at the end of the trial simply emails a file with all the scores to the trial organiser. No more tedious transcribing of scores from a muddy sheet of paper onto a spreadsheet, and no more transcription errors!