Free Pager App for Coastguard Rescue Officers

As an HM Coastguard CRO, I was not satisfied with any of the available options for receiving alerts from the A & T system. So I made my own!

The app is available for all CROs who might like to make use of it. In my humble opinion (!) it is responsive, clear and easy to use, and overcomes the issues I found with other apps like FireAlert2, SMS Pager and Emergency Alerts. It is exactly tailored to the needs of HM Coastguard and has a minimum of variables requiring setting up. There's a download link at the bottom of this page.

1. New Alert

Receive new alert

When the tasking comes from CGOC the app intercepts it, plays a pager sound and displays the page above. Tap "Respond" to silence the pager and reply.

2. Send Response

Respond to alert

Just tap the appropriate button to send your reply to CGOC.

3. Read the Tasking

Read the tasking

The content of the tasking will now stay on your screen and can be referred to at leisure.

The CG Pager app is currently available for Android only. An iPhone version may follow if it is well received.
Click the button and follow the instructions to download the app.
(The button is activated when viewed on an Android device.)
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