Free Defibrillator Map Template

Our local defibrillator map has been so popular and successful that we felt we should make it available to anyone who wants to create something similar for their local area. This will appeal to local organisations such as Lions Clubs, Round Table and Rotary as well as community-minded businesses.

It requires no programming knowledge to set up and run the page. Simply install the relevant files on your existing website and make a few small edits to suit your area. Then gather the information about defibrillators (AEDs) in your area and load the information using the Admin page.

If you don't have the time or the skills to install the package, or if you would like some additional customisation, please contact us for assistance. As these pages are being set up for the benefit of the community, we offer a 20% discount for any work that may be needed to create your page. (A quick bit of advice to get you going is free, of course.)

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the package of files here: DOWNLOAD
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Create a new MySQL database on your website and give it a name. (You will use this in '6' below.)
  4. Add a new user to the database and allocate a password. (You will use these in '6' below.)
  5. Import the MySQL database table sql/aeds.sql to your database.
  6. Edit mysqli_conn.php by filling in YOUR_DATABASE_NAME, YOUR_USERNAME and YOUR_PASSWORD.
  7. Edit the configuration in index.php. The configuration values of $domain (the full domain name where you are hosting this page), $town (the town, city or area that your page is covering), $other_places (other significant place names within the area) and $google_maps_key (the API key provided by Google) should be enclosed in single quotes. The values of $latitude, $longitude (indicating the centre point of your area) and $zoom should be numbers without quotes.
  8. Copy all the downloaded files to a folder on your computer called 'aeds'.
  9. Upload the entire 'aeds' folder to the root directory of your website.
  10. Check the page and map are displaying correctly by going to

Loading the Defibrillator data

  1. Visit each defibrillator, take a photo and record its exact latitude and longitude.
  2. Use the what3words app to get the what3words address of each defibrillator. (This stage is optional)
  3. Use any photo editing app to create a 225x150 version of each of your photos.
  4. Give each photo an easily recognised name and upload them to the aeds/images folder on your website.
  5. Now go to your admin page,
  6. Name the location of your first defibrillator and click 'Submit'.
  7. Fill in each of the boxes on the web form.
  8. If the defibrillator is on an outside wall leave the Access as '24 hours'. If it is inside a building (typically a reception or an office), mark it as 'Limited Access'.
  9. Click 'Submit' and repeat as many times as necessary.
  10. You can also edit entries from the same admin page.